Hawaii State Senate Candidate

12th District
Waikiki, Ala Moana, Kaka'ako, McCully, Mo'ili'ili


The political monopoly has resulted in the stagnation of ideas, failed policies, and a lacking sense of urgency. It is time for NEW leadership to provide modern solutions to old issues, through bold legislation and strong advocacy.

Candidate Bio

The Issues



"I am independant because I represent ONLY the people, not an ideology or a group. A vote for me is a vote for yourself. The only interest I take to the Senate is yours." - Speech, May 2018


Stefan is not a career politician and holds no special interest ties. He cannot be bought or influenced by anything other than the facts and the evidence. He ran for government because he saw no sense of urgency in addressing the glaring issues the community faces. Stefan doesn't want to see monopolistic governance continue to waste, ignore, and bumble the needs of the Hawaii people. He is a skilled leader, with the proper competence, expertise, and knowledge to make meaningful change.

"For the last 7 months my wife and I have gone around the district to ask what the voters actually want, without any presumptions or pushing any agenda. Unanimously the public in the 12th district grappled with the following 3 issues, 1) Homelessness, 2) Cost of Living and Housing, and 3) infrastructure. Thus, these are the primary issues that I must tackle if elected to the Senate. Personal and party agendas are as irrelevant as they are inappropriate in this modern era. - Speech, 4/20/2018


"My first act as a Senator would seek to remove all pensions from Politicians and their executive appointees. I guarantee you will see a whole new type of politician flooding the ballots. This is the first step in bringing back competency, character, and genuine motive to government leadership. Remove conflicts of interest. Importantly, Hawaii has a gigantic unfunded liability problem. Politicians should not be contributing the same mess they create, it's like rewarding a CEO for tanking the company. The honor of public office is reward enough for those with the proper integrity and skills fit for genuine leadership." - Speech, April 2018.

*not a career politician

"I will never identify as a politician, their behavior baffles me. I will always be a Trial Attorney. This means you will always get a very raw honesty, and I will never beat around the bush with a nonsense answer. I’m very direct, with friend or foe. Facts and evidence must always be the driver of decisions. As such, I also function emotionlessly when it comes to negotiation, because barriers of personality in the face of progress is not OK. Little gets done in Hawaii’s legislature because of age old grudges between individuals. Additionally, my “feelings” don’t matter, no politicians’ should, the only thing that should matter is the feelings of those represented. I’m here to represent Hawaii’s 12 District citizens, NOT like a politician, but as their dedicated and skilled Counsel." - Speech, March 2018.

"I envision leadership based on facts, evidence, and a aggressive pursuit of excellence. Solutions need to be envisioned for generations beyond our own. Homelessness, Cost of Living, and infrastructure must be addressed like they actually matter. The political monopoly in Hawaii has resulted in a stagnation of ideas and enthusiasm for which results speak for themselves. It’s this I oppose and seek to change." - Speech, February 2018